Stainless Steel Vs Non-Stick Pans

Whether you’re a professional cook or an amateur cook, using the appropriate pan is essential. There are many different opinions concerning which pan may be best. In reality, both pans have their ups and downs. The decision to choose one or the other is in most cases personal preference. Although there are some facts about both that may sway you in one particular direction. I myself am an amateur cook, and I prefer to use both types of pans due to their unique characteristics. I find that stainless steel has undeniable durability that cannot be matched. When storing these pans you are not forced to worry about scratching or banging them up. Sizing the two up against each other to compare longevity, stainless steel will reign supreme every time! The heat distribution of these pans is also unmatched. However they are not flawless in design. There are certain ingredients such as sugar that will easily stick, creating a nightmare when it comes to cleanup. Frying meat and omelets can burn and stick to the stainless steel pan, ruining it completely.

There are several different reasons why I sway best non stick pan from stainless to non-stick. Non-stick pans do not cost as much and when properly cared for they can last a very long time. They also offer their unmatched characteristics as well. They offer the ease of cleaning. If the pan is properly cared for it will remain a breeze to clean for a very long time! If you’re a cook like myself who doesn’t appreciate being boggled down because you have to scrub a pan to reuse it, then non-stick is the way to go!

The weight of non-stick pans is also a feature that’s sought after. They are much lighter than stainless steel pans, which makes them an ideal choice for the elderly. The decision for you to choose stainless steel or non-stick may boil down to price. In this case non-stick pans have remained very affordable and the quality has increased. You can buy a cheap set of non-stick pans that will last you a while, or invest a bit more money and get a set that will last you a lifetime.

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